Favo Collection


Our Favo coverlet bears a lovely honeycomb pattern, and—like a honeycomb’s nectar—this coverlet’s features are quite sweet: it’s woven to such a smooth, soft, and supple hand that it possesses a wonderful drape, and will look just-so on a polished or casual bed.

Favo Coverlet Twin

Color Size Price Quantity
White Favo Coverlet Twin $324.00
White Favo Coverlet Full/Queen $411.00
White Favo Coverlet King $451.00
White Favo Sham Standard $103.00
White Favo Sham King $133.00
White Favo Sham Euro $133.00
White Favo Sham Boudoir $68.00
Ivory Favo Coverlet Twin $324.00
Ivory Favo Coverlet Full/Queen $411.00
Ivory Favo Coverlet King $451.00
Ivory Favo Sham Standard $103.00
Ivory Favo Sham King $133.00
Ivory Favo Sham Euro $133.00
Ivory Favo Sham Boudoir $68.00
Rose Favo Coverlet Twin $324.00
Rose Favo Coverlet Full/Queen $411.00
Rose Favo Coverlet King $451.00
Rose Favo Sham Standard $103.00
Rose Favo Sham King $133.00
Rose Favo Sham Euro $133.00
Rose Favo Sham Boudoir $68.00
Charcoal Favo Coverlet Twin $324.00
Charcoal Favo Coverlet Full/Queen $411.00
Charcoal Favo Coverlet King $451.00
Charcoal Favo Sham Standard $103.00
Charcoal Favo Sham King $133.00
Charcoal Favo Sham Euro $133.00
Charcoal Favo Sham Boudoir $68.00
Latte Favo Coverlet Twin $324.00
Latte Favo Coverlet Full/Queen $411.00
Latte Favo Coverlet King $451.00
Latte Favo Sham Standard $103.00
Latte Favo Sham King $133.00
Latte Favo Sham Euro $133.00
Latte Favo Sham Boudoir $68.00
Delft Favo Coverlet Twin $324.00
Delft Favo Coverlet Full/Queen $411.00
Delft Favo Coverlet King $451.00
Delft Favo Sham Standard $103.00
Delft Favo Sham King $133.00
Delft Favo Sham Euro $133.00
Delft Favo Sham Boudoir $68.00
Lunar Favo Coverlet Twin $324.00
Lunar Favo Coverlet Full/Queen $411.00
Lunar Favo Coverlet King $451.00
Lunar Favo Sham Standard $103.00
Lunar Favo Sham King $133.00
Lunar Favo Sham Euro $133.00
Lunar Favo Sham Boudoir $68.00
Powder Favo Coverlet Twin $324.00
Powder Favo Coverlet Full/Queen $411.00
Powder Favo Coverlet King $451.00
Powder Favo Sham Standard $103.00
Powder Favo Sham King $133.00
Powder Favo Sham Euro $133.00
Powder Favo Sham Boudoir $68.00